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The Smoke Free in 21 Days program addresses five key issues
1. Becoming convinced of the benefits of becoming smoke free. Health is just one of them.
2. Examining why you smoke and what it's doing to your body in particular and your life generally.
3. Looking at the costs and benefits of not smoking.
4. Developing a strategy to become smoke free with the assistance of

    •   meditation

    •   inner mental training

    •   counseling

    •   exercise

    •   healthy eating

    •   distraction.
5. Putting the strategy into action.
Do that and you’ll be smoke free. The only thing you’ll be inhaling is fresh air.

The starting point of this smoke free program is a presumption that
  •   normal healthy people don't have a need to smoke
  •   you know why smoking is bad for you
  •   you have a fair idea why you smoke
  •   you are aware of the costs and benefits of being smoke free
  •   this program doesn't have to use shock tactics to convince you to change your behaviour
  •   you’ve made a personal commitment to giving up smoking
  •   this is not a program for ice cream lickers or tyre kickers.
So if you're fair dinkum about giving up smoking, confirm your intention and put your money where your mouth is.
You'll receive access to an interactive workbook and an inner mental training audio file.



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