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The Complete Fitness Workout seminar comes in a package that includes aerobic fitness, strength and flexibility exercise.


Abraham Lincoln is credited with saying that we are about as happy as we want to be. Similarly, we are about as fit healthy as we want to be.


For us mortals, the rewards of regular, vigorous physical activity are compelling. On top of feeling better, all the major systems of your body work better. (It does aerobic exercise a grave disservice to limit its effects to the cardiovascular system.)


When it's all boiled down, you don't need a great deal of equipment or expense to improve and maintain your level of fitness. As a minimum, a brisk walk, shuffle or jog, followed by a few situps, pressups and squats and some flexibility exercises will do you a world of good.


It's called the Complete Fitness Workout because it's a program that encourages you to adopt a regular and systematic fitness training program that improves aerobic fitness, strength and flexibility, the three key elements of fitness which you need to work on if you’re going to improve your all round health, fitness and wellbeing.

Always keep in mind that in our culture it’s a big ask expecting to stay healthy without keeping yourself fit.

By exercising in a way that improves each of the three components of fitness you can be confident of improving your all round health and wellbeing. The aerobic fitness element will have a major impact on your metabolic system. The strength and flexibility elements are directed more toward your musculo-skeletal system.

The results are commensurate with effort.

By taking part in this program on a regular and systematic basis you will reap the health benefits of

•   an efficient aerobic system

•   enhanced muscle strength and bulk

•   increased flexibility and joint mobility.

The Complete Fitness Workout is a fitness training system for people of all ages, shapes, sizes and levels of fitness which involves



5 minute stretching warmup




30 minutes continuous aerobic activity at a pulse rate of at least 70% of your maximum, either running outside or using a treadmill, stepper, bike, rower, eliptical or climber inside.




30 minutes of systematic strength exercises using pin-loaded strength training equipment in a system designed to improve both strength and muscle bulk




15 minutes of flexibility exercises.


Some of the strength exercises can be done without any equipment and the flexibility exercises can be done while you watch television. It's all about strengthening and loosing the muscles designed to keep your bones in correct alignment. Do that on a regular basis and your back and neck should soon be as right as rain.


During the seminar you'll have the opportunity to find out how fit you are.


You'll have the chance to develop your own fitness program and learn some of the key exercises you need to do to keep yourself in good nick.


Come in athletic attire, ready for action.



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