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Headaches are the number one health dysfunction in Australia. They generate more visits to the doctor and more sales of tablets than any other dysfunction. They have reached epidemic proportions.

The medical pre-occupation with the heroic diseases (heart attacks and cancer) have diverted attention from what is our most pressing health problem. Headaches have become so prevalent that we take them for granted and no longer acknowledge them as the number one health dysfunction.

Whilst there are 'a million and one' causes of headaches, you can be assured that each headache has a cause.


In this seminar we provide you with clues about what you can look for when tracking down the cause. Once you've found it you can treat it - in a high proportion of cases, yourself.


A good starting point is to acknowledge that headaches are just another symptom of a body that's not in exceptionally good shape.


It's highly likely that it's related to the three common personally-generated body system dysfunctions:

l  metabolic

l  musculo-skeletal

l  psychological.

If it's metabolically related, check your level of aerobic fitness and your diet. One of the benefits of vigorous exercise is that it 'washes' out of your body your own toxic waste and the waste products of a toxic society.


With respect to diet it's not commonly known that wheat flour can cause headache, tiredness and lack of energy. Conduct the experiment and go without wheat flour for a couple of weeks and see that happens to you.


Then there are



the food additives: synthetic antioxidants (e.g. BHA 320), preservatives, flavourings, colourings, emulsifiers and surfactants




the popular poisons: nicotine, panadeine, alcohol and caffeine




foods people to which people are allergic and intolerant: wheat flour, cheese, chocolate, deadly nightshades, MSG, salicylates ...






herbicides, pesticides, fungicides.




fumes from petrol, pain and solvents of all descriptions.


Some people get tension headaches because of tension in the muscles of their neck, or because their head is positioned too far forward. Some of this tension comes from from the muscles designed to keep the head on top of the shoulders not being strong enough to do the job properly.


Another cause of headaches is stress.


Add high blood pressure to the list as well, definitely.


In this country, instead of searching for the cause, the usual treatment is to take a tablet. In fact there are 75 million packets of paracetamol sold over the counter each year.


This country is awash with pain-killers to the point where they have become the fifth highest drug problem in this country after sugar, caffeine, alcohol and nicotine.


One of the more objectionable practices of Big Pharma are television adverts fronted by former sporting champions suggesting that instead of explaining what headaches mean and what you, yourself can do to relieve them, tell you take a pill to mask the symptoms of the body system dysfunctions that cause them.


But one thing you can be sure of is that headaches are not caused by a lack of Aspro, Bex, Panadol, Nurofen, Ibuprofen, Codeine, Diclac, Anxicalm, Tylex, Pethidine, Tramadol, Naltrexone or Oxycodone.


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