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The three day Integral Personal Development Training program is one of Australia's most powerful personal development programs. It's the best stress management program we know.


There are some basic tools that each of us needs so that we can continue to build lives that work for us. These are the how’s that we don’t learn at school and that our parents and their parents, may not have learnt either.

The journey within – the journey of self discovery – is an exciting one, one that will enhance your confidence, self esteem, ability to communicate effectively, heal your past and inspire you to great things for your future.

Through the use of lectures, meditation and special exercises and processes, the Integral Personal Development Program brings about lasting benefits for participants.




We are living at a time of enormous change, both for ourselves, and the world we line in. We must now become aware of how we can successfully live through these changes, thus eliminating the need for failure, struggle, stress and pain.


It is time to open the doors of perception, embrace a new perspective and vision that:


    frees us from self-limiting beliefs
    gives value to our challenges
    challenges us to become more of who we can be
    develops skills for life
    develops a healthy relationship with yourself
    through simple & easy processes, has life-long benefit
    has us living a conscious (more aware) life




Jan Gauvin

Jan Gauvin, the creator and facilitator, of Integral Training, is an inspiring and motivating human relations communicator. She has shared her dynamic, life-enhancing techniques with thousands of people since introducing her Integral Program in the early 1980s.


Jan has a rich history of life experiences which have prepared her for this most challenging, and most gratifying work – helping people discover their authentic selves and to live their lives in tune with all life.


'I have known Jan Gauvin for more than 30 years and have referred many patients to her during that time, for personal counseling and also participation in her personal growth courses. In my opinion Jan is an excellent counselor and one of the best in her field.


With regards to the ‘Integral’ Program it is my experience that these are invaluable as a tool for rehabilitation (amongst many other advantages). Not only do participants become able to take responsibility for their lives once again, and to be motivated towards achieving recovery, they are able to do so quickly and very effectively. I recommend this weekend wholeheartedly. I am really excited that Jan has revived the process.'

Kym Trigg; General Practitioner – MBBS

'I thought that this weekend was truly amazing. It brought me out of my shell and gave me a different perspective on my life and my journey. There were so many different activities to do and the book I shall treasure always. Jan thanks for such an awesome weekend. It has really changed me. I am so Happy.'

Anna Quinn; Enrolled Nurse

'The Integral Training ... is a must for ANYONE who wants to live a life full of personal awareness and insight.'

Susanne Pearce; Health Educator


'This weekend has been far more challenging and demanding than I had ever expected and I would never have imagined that I would be exhausted like I am. The energy in the group is tangible and positive and a great deal of trust has been bestowed on us all.  I do believe that I have unlocked some of the anger within me and I look forward to life's challenges as they come and to remain in the practise.  I would highly recommend this to anyone that I thought needed it.  I am also very glad that you guided me and pushed me to come this weekend despite my reasoning not to come.  For that I am grateful.  The letter writing and reading was powerful and I am glad I did it.'

Tim O'Callaghan; Sawmiller


'This weekend has given me a new lease on life.  It has provided me with a completely different thought process I look forward to putting into practice every day.  I will definitely be using my book daily.  I know my relationships will change for the better because of what I will put into them and because of what I have let go of here this weekend. I feel refreshed and not as anxious. I have learnt so much from you Jan and I am excited to go home and tell others about it too.  I want my partner and Mum to come to it too.'

Caz Padgett; Mother/housewife/part time framer


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