Hourglass Diet

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Joint and Muscle Pain

Adult Onset Diabetes

High Blood Pressure

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We're living in age of metabolically induced body system dysfunctions.


What that means is that as a society generally we're not eating enough of the right food at the right time.


In earlier times the sage might have said that it was the love of junk food that was the root of all kinds of evil. Certainly it is now the root of all kinds of body system dysfunction.


However, the good news is that if the body has become compromised by poor food choices (keeping in mind that the food industry is struggling to deliver food in all its nutritional glory), then there is a good chance that the body's recuperative power can be stimulated by a diet of good food.


If you think the food's good, read Eric Schlosser's 'Junk Food Nation' o0r Google for images of hens in cages. What's happening to food out in the feedlots and inside the factories is enough to make your hair curl. Or grab a copy of Ray Strand's book, 'What Your Doctor Doesn't Know About Nutrition May be Killing You.' Trust him, he's a doctor!


Of course the other nutritional problem is the amount of toxicity we pour into and lather onto our bodies that ends up getting into our ecosystem. Getting it out is the hard part and while it's in there it wreaks all manner of havoc.

The Hourglass Diet is based on the simple law of too much and too little. Ask yourself, what do I need to eat more of; what do I need to eat less of?


This is not nutrition science. Most of the nutrition scientists in the world are employed by multi-national food companies, burning and belting the hell out of good food in an effort to make it taste better and digest quicker.


The scientists are being egged on by loyal consumers who've been seduced into the high flour and sugar way of life and are now so addicted to it they have reached the point of no return.


Money is changing hands, stomachs are being filled to over flowing with junk.


We've designed the Hourglass Diet to bring some sanity back into the nutrition dilemma and explain in simple terms which foods to eat more of and which to eat less of. In a nutshell it encourages you to eat the good food from the top of the hourglass and steer clear of the junk at the bottom. It looks like this.




PS. Very few of us are as pure as the driven snow on this matter!




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