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It's called the Complete Fitness Workout because it's a program that encourages you to adopt a regular and systematic fitness training program that improves aerobic fitness, strength and flexibility, the three key elements of fitness which you need to work on if your going to improve all round fitness and health.


By exercising in a way that improves each of the three components you can be confident of improving your all round health and wellbeing. The aerobic fitness element will have a major impact on your key body systems. The strength and flexibility elements are directed more toward your musculo-skeletal system.

The benefits are compelling. The results are commensurate with effort.


By taking part in this program on a regular and systematic basis you will reap the health benefits of

    an efficient aerobic system
    enhanced muscle strength and bulk
    increased flexibility and joint mobility.


The Complete Workout is a fitness training system for people of all ages, shapes, sizes and levels of fitness which involves



5 minute stretching warmup



30 minutes continuous aerobic activity at a pulse rate of at least 70% of your maximum, either running outside or using a treadmill, stepper, bike, rower, eliptical or climber inside.



30 minutes of systematic strength exercises using pin-loaded strength training equipment in a system designed to improve both strength and muscle bulk



15 minutes of flexibility exercises.




To maintain healthy body system function you need to have a regular and systematic program of physical activity that includes the three main components of fitness


    aerobic fitness








Here's a revolutionary new way to work out whether you're getting enough aerobic physical activity each week using the aerabyte concept.


Aerabytes - where time meets effort -


Until now there hasn't been a good aerobic fitness prescription. Any prescription worth its salt has a dosage and rec0ommendations about how often it should be taken.


This is what the Aerabyte concept is all about - an exercise prescription..


If you're serious about becoming aerobically fitter, merely recording time, steps or distance is useful, but not sufficient. You've also got to include effort into the aerobic fitness equation.






















(on a scale of 0 - 5, where 1 is too easy and 5 is hard, but not flat out)



The aerobic fitness prescription







20 minutes/session

30 minutes/session

40 minutes/session


4 times a week

5 times a week

six times a week


Heart rate of 120+

Heart rate of 120+

Heart rate of 120+


400 aerabytes/week

600 aerabytes/week

800 aerabytes/week



Use the Aerabyte Fitness Tracka Diary to record your scores.

Keep track of the number of aerabytes you do per session, per day, per week and per month. Over the weeks and months, you'll have objective evidence of whether or not your training program is working. (You can then go to your health insurer and demand that you be charged a lower premium!)


Aim for a minimum of 600 aerabytes a week. 800 is better and 1000 is best. You'll keep yourself in exceptionally good shape on 1000 aerabytes per week.


Click here to download the Aerabyte Fitness Tracka Diary.




You need to keep the muscles of your body strong in order to keep your bones in correct alignment and to perform normal physical tasks with ease.




You need to keep the muscles of your body strong in order to keep your bones in correct alignment and to perform normal physical tasks with ease.


Click here to read more about strength and flexibility.


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