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The assessments we conduct provide people with a good idea of how fit and healthy they are.


If people know what sort of shape they are in they can make choices about improving their health and lowering the risk of a host of body system dysfunctions. Low levels of physical activity, poor diet and an inability to manage the stresses of life and work are contributing to an epidemic of avoidable body system, dysfunctions.


40 odd years ago, John F Kennedy said that 'the softening process of our civilization continues its persistent erosion'. This would have to be the understatement of the 20th century.


What's interesting about it is that many people seem ignorant of the fact that the health of key body systems is gradually being compromised by their lifestyle. They don't attribute their headaches, lack of energy, high blood pressure or back pain to what they're doing too little of or what they're doing too much of.


They don't realize that the symptoms of dysfunction usually are not apparent until dysfunction has well and truly set in. They don't recognize the small signs, preferring to 'leave it to chance' that nothing catastrophic will happen to them.


Our approach to individual and collective health is based on this faint hope that nothing is going to break down - and if it does, modern medicine will come to the rescue and an employer or the government will foot the bill. What sort of a fraud is that?


The bad news

There is an absolute epidemic of body system dysfunction.


The good news

The good news is that there is an absolute certainty that in a majority of cases people can restore poor function back to good function if they're diligent and persistent.


All it takes is a bit of time and effort; it doesn't take much money. The benefits? In the first instance they'll feel better? Scores on the Health, Fitness and Wellbeing profile will go back close to zero. The crook back, stiff neck and 'cold' shoulder will get better.



  Health Climate Survey - 15 minutes

  Complete Health, Fitness and Wellbeing - 60 minutes

  Health and Fitness checkup- 30 minutes

  Metabolic Health - 20 minutes

  Fitness - 30 minutes

  Platinum Fitness Challenge - 30 minutes

  20 Metre Run - 20 minutes

  Musculo-skeletal Risk Screen - 20 minutes

  Diet - 20 minutes

  Stress Risk - 20 minutes

  Career satisfaction - 20 minutes





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