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At Miller Health, our aim is to


assist organisations to reduce and better manage the risk of

-  absenteeism

-  presenteeism

-  workers' compensation

-  staff turnover


encourage workers compensation, medical and income protection insurers to measure and manage the risk associated with people in poor metabolic, musculo-skeletal and psychological health.



inspire and motivate people to keep themselves fit and healthy to the best of their ability.




1.    Community health, fitness and wellbeing


We're focused on the health, fitness and wellbeing of the community, particularly through our websites


Fit and Healthy Online


Hourglass Diet


Global Back Care


The benefits of keeping one's self fit and healthy are legion.


For starters you feel better.


A quality exercise program, a prudent diet and giving time back to yourself cost next to nothing - except for some time, a bit of effort and planning.


A high proportion of people don't access personal and career development programs. They have nothing to grasp onto when dealing with life and career stress.



The US Surgeon general hit the nail on the head in 1979 when he said 'You, the individual can do more for your own health and well being that any doctor, any hospital, and drug, any exotic medical advice'.


And yet, as a community we're relying more and more on the medical industry - rather than ourselves - to keep us healthy. Well it ain't! The health of the community is getting worse.


It's a big ask for anyone to stay healthy without keeping themselves fit.


The medical and pharmaceutical industries have abrogated their responsibility to keep people fit. Poor health is not due to a lack of medical care. Metabolic health is not due to a lack of Panadeine, Oxycodone, Avapro, Gliclazide, Prednisone, Celebrex, Voltarin, Prilosec, Gaviscon or Anusol. Musculo-skeletal health is not doe to a lack of x-raying, rubbing, crunching, heating, vibrating, doping or surgery. Psychological heath is not due to a lack of Zoloft.


Medical treatments are designed to fix people up. Health, fitness and wellbeing activities are designed to stop people becoming 'broken' in the first place.


Prescribing drugs to mask the symptoms of poor health instead of prescribing health, fitness and wellbeing treatments that stimulate the body's own recuperative power is far from world's best health practice.


Most of the body system dysfunctions are personally generated. That's the bad news. The good news is that there is every likelihood that they can be personally 'ungenerated'.


Keeping people out of the medical system is the key objective of personal and public health.


By and large, people who are fit and healthy only have need of medical services in emergencies that are out of their control.


The case for elevating the fitness industry into the front line of primary health care is compelling.


In our culture it's a big ask expecting to stay healthy without keeping yourself fit. It's an even bigger ask expecting to get better by having someone do something to you. Sooner rather than later you have to do something to yourself.


2.    Workplace health and workers compensation for poor health


At Miller health we're focused on health, fitness and wellbeing side of the occupational health and safety equation.



It's our belief that the cost of poor health now outstrips the cost of poor safety.


We assist organisations to measure and manage the risk of poor health.


A supplementary aim is to assist organizations reach the goal of ZERO workers compensation claims for personally-generated musculo-skeletal dysfunctions.


The first law of workers compensation insurance is, 'unless you're solely in the business of providing organisations and their employees with accident insurance, don't insure people in poor health without rating a premium against the risk.'


The OH&S Firewall

We show organisations how they put a firewall in between the personally-generated dysfunctions and genuine work-related injuries.


The firewall consists principally of metabolic, musculo-skeletal and psychological programs that give staff the greatest encouragement and incentive to keep themselves fit and healthy to the best of their ability.


The firewall applies equally to workplace and community health.



In our websites, Integrated Health Systems and Pro-Active Rehab we outline a plan to reduce claims for workers rehabilitation and compensation, in particular claims for personally-generated joint and muscle pain.


Currently too many people in exceptionally poor musculo-skeletal (and psychological) health are permitted to abuse a system that was originally establish to fund rehabilitation and long term care for people who'd been involved in workplace accidents.


3.   Medical insurance companies


At Miller Health we're dedicated to helping medical insurers maximize their profits and lower their premiums by measuring and managing the risks associated with policy holders in poor condition.


Measuring and managing risk

As with workplaces, the easiest and cheapest way to do this is put in place a firewall between the personally-generated body system dysfunctions on the one hand, and unforeseen injuries and 'heroic' diseases on the other. This means measuring and managing risk before it enters the medical domain.


We believe that the cost of monitoring the health of policy holders and helping them to fix small problems, makes better sense than waiting for the small problems to become big problems.


Fitness, frontline of primary heath care.

When it is a lack of fitness that is driving the epidemic of poor health we believe the health insurance industry has a pivotal role to play in driving the fitness industry into the frontline of primary health care. Put simply you can't fix fitness-generated problems with medical solutions.


In an era where it is illegal for medical insurers to rate their premiums against risk, it behooves insurers to do whatever they can to keep their policy holders in good health.


This entails measuring and managing risk, dealing with small problems before they become big problems.


From this:


To this:




The nation has a fitness problem, not a medical problem. Only on the rarest of occasions can you successfully treat fitness problems with medical solutions.


It's in the interests of medical insurance and their policy holders to work together in advancing the fitness industry into the front line of primary health care.


Whether it's personally-generated metabolic, musculo-skeletal or (non clinical) psychological dysfunction, restricting health care to what the medical industry has to offer only leads to small problems becoming larger problems.


Medical insurers should be moving heaven and earth to keep their policy holders away from surgeries and hospitals.




We ...


conduct health, fitness and wellbeing seminars



provide organisations with health, fitness and wellbeing assessment and audit reports.




We have an extensive range of assessments including - 


   Health, Fitness and Wellbeing




   Musculo-skeletal risk and clinical assessment


   Diet and chemical intake




   Career satisfaction


   Metabolic health


   Elite force fitness




Our seminars are designed to inspire and motivate people to keep themselves fit and healthy.  



   Models of Good Health

   Seven habits of Fit and Healthy People

Musculo-skeletal Health

   Musculo-skeletal Health

   Manual Handling

   Workstation assessment

   Pro-Active Rehab


   How to Manage Stress

   Work-Life Balance

   How to Manage Your Career

   How to relax

   How to get a good night's sleep

   Integral Training

Metabolic Health

   How to Improve Metabolic Health

   How to improve Aerobic Fitness

   Complete Fitness Workout

   How to Lower Blood Pressure, Glucose and Cholesterol

   Smoke Free

   Headache Free



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