An essential feature of the Green Prescription concept is the ability to build awareness and provide people with support. This is definitely a work in progress.


The iitrain app is designed to connect people to like-minded exercise partners.






Fitness prescription providers









The Fitness Prescription Manual contains diagnostic assessments, likely causes of personally-generated body system dysfunctions and recommended prescriptions.


Fact sheets

You want the facts, in plain, simple easy to understand green language.


You want the facts on likely causes of your dysfunctions - and green treatments that you yourself can do to restore poor function to good.


We want to you to have the facts, handed to you by your green heath practitioner or downloadable in the privacy of your own home.



There's no need to re-invent the wheel. If we find useful links we'll let you know.



Ebooks, audio files and videos

It's frequently the case that the advice provided by the medical charities is so 'sanitized' and wishy-washy as to be well nigh useless.


The Heart Foundation thinks walking around the block for ten minutes three times a day will increase your aerobic fitness. They don't have an aerobic fitness test or performance guidelines.


Along with the NH&MRC, the Arthritis Association thinks that arthritis comes from out of the blue. They don't have the exercises to fix the problem.


The Diabetes Association doesn't have an aerobic fitness prescription. Their risk assessment doesn't include a test of aerobic fitness or percent body fat. Their statements on sugar and exercise are tame to say the least. 


The Sleep Apnoea Association don't have an aerobic fitness prescription, a fitness test or percent body fat recommendations. They will recommend you buy a gas mask.


The Dietician's Association is sponsored by some of the world's leading manufacturers of junk food.





Fitness Prescription Magazine

A monthly magazine available from leading supermarkets and newsagencies.



Digital newsletter

Available to everyone who enrols in the program  as either free or paying customers.



Fitness, frontline of primary heath care

One of the keys to the success of the Green Prescription concept is the need to propel the fitness industry in to the frontline of primary heath care.





Daily Health Break

The aim of the Daily Health Break is to encourage people to take a few minutes out of their work day to give their metabolic, musculo-skeletal and mental health systems a quick 'defrag' and then deliver them back refreshed into the work zone.



Digital partners

Establishing a partnership with internet search engine and content providers to give producers of digital products the Green Prescription imprimatur makes eminent sense.


The people are definitely speaking the green language on Youtube. Many are generous with their commitment to the promotion of 'green treatments' (exercise and diet) for all manner of body system dysfunctions.



Green Prescription research is focused on validating natural fitness, diet and personal development remedies for personally-generated body system dysfunctions.


Government and private medical and workers compensation insurers

The benefit to insurers of measuring risk and better managing the risk by people becoming fitter and healthier is compelling. It's another no-brainer. Not only their prosperity but their survival depends on it.


The day will come when insurers will start rating premiums against risk. Stimulation of the hip-pocket nerve may well be the key to smartening people up.




Corporate organisations

There are any number of compelling reasons why corporate organisations should be measuring and managing the risks associated with personally-generated body system dysfunctions.


For starters the pre-employment medical needs beefing up. Neglecting to measure and manage health, fitness and wellbeing risks leads to increased costs of absenteeism, presenteeism and workers compensation.