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Aerabyte aerobic fitness prescription

Blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol

Complete fitness workout

Headache relief

Hemroid relief

Hourglass diet

How to calm yourself down

How to fix back and other joint and muscle pain

How to get a good night's sleep

How to manage stress

Inner mental training

Junk food

Quit smoking in 21 days





When you look at the list epic fails in primary heath care the need for the Green Prescription in it's many and varied forms becomes obvious.




The Complete Fitness Workout will help you improve the three main factors of fitness


It’s a simple, tried, and effective program that’s easy to understand and implement - written for regular folks who just want to get fit.

Without a good, all-round fitness program i
t’s well night impossible top achieve peak

• metabolic,
• musculo-skeletal and
• psychological health


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To improve your metabolic and psychological health you need a scientifically-based aerobic fitness prescription based on time and effort (rated against heart rate).


Without these two key elements it's like prescribing a drug where the active ingredients or of unknown quantity and without instructions on how often to take it.


The Aerabyte aerobic fitness prescription will enable you to keep a strict account of your aerobic training sessions in a way that involves frequency, duration and intensity.


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In the Hourglass Diet model, the good food is at the top and the junk down the bottom. All you have to make is the distinction between good food and junk food.


It's simple really.


The junk foods are the garbohydrates (yep that's a 'g' not a 'c'). It's food manufactured out of various combinations of flour, sugar and fat. Add potato cooked in fat (along with a chocolate thickshake)  and you've got the all-American meal.


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Stress is the distance between what you're getting and what you want.


Most people when they’re talking about stress are talking about distress. In this book, the word ‘stress’ is used to mean ‘distress’.


The distress you’re experiencing is telling you to think, to do something to change your circumstances, to move yourself away from what you don’t want and forward for what you do want.

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The joint and muscle pain prescriptions



Tight muscles gradually draw bones out of alignment. When the bones are out of alignment up end up with joint and muscle pain.


You can relieve this pain by loosening off tight muscles and getting the bones back into better alignment.


It's as simple as that. The catch is that it takes time. The chances of re-aligning the body in a couple of days is quite remote.



People with strong muscles can lift, push, pull and propel themselves and objects without breaking down.


The strength prescription involves a strength training program at home and in the gym.


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The all-in-one strength and flexibility training program.


Joint and muscle pain is the body's way of telling you that your skeleton is out of alignment.


Get it back into alignment by loosening off the muscles that have drawn bones out of alignment.


Strengthen the muscles that support the skeleton in good alignment and prepare yourself for the strength activities involved in everyday life.


The metabolic trinity



High blood pressure and elevated levels of blood cholesterol and glucose are symptoms of metabolic dysfunction, an insidious process associated with a decline in the performance of the key body systems that are designed to keep the cells of your body functioning normally.


Elevated levels of blood pressure cholesterol and glucose are telling you your body needs a metabolic defrag - consisting of vigorous aerobic activity, a diet low in the garbohydrates (yep, that's a 'g' not a 'c') and high in essential nutrients.


In the case of high blood pressure, vigorous aerobic exercise 'cools down ' an over-stimulated sympathetic  nervous system. A calm strategy (including yoga and meditation), coupled with stress management techniques, good sound sleep, holidays ... 'warms up' an under-stimulated para-sympathetic nervous system. Click here to find out more.


An elevated cholesterol level definitely not caused by a lack of statin medication. Try a lack of aerobic exercise and a diet full of garbohydrates,


In the case of blood glucose a strength training program is also useful in depleting muscles of glucose so it can provide a 'safe haven' for the glucose that comes from the next meal. Both aerobic and strength exercise take pressure of the pancreas that is struggling to produce enough insulin to maintain normal levels of blood glucose.


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Poor sleep is another example of aerobic exercise deficit syndrome. It's also the first casualty of anxiety.


That being the case it can  be treated with the same weapons as any metabolic dysfunction, plus a stress management, relaxation and inner mental training program. It's certainly not due to a lack of Stilnox!


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You could add sleep apnoea to the metabolic trinity. It's a classic symptom of metabolic dysfunction that needs to be tackled with every weapon in the metabolic health armory. lt's definitely not caused by the lack of a gas mask.





Inner mental training, meditation and relaxation




It's been said that 'man is encouraged to look everywhere for the answer but inside himself' and 'the more we become focused on things external to us the more they dominate us.'

In the quietness of meditation we tap into the sub-conscious area of our brain. It's here that we can change our programming and focus on living the life we'd like to live. As we relax and calm ourselves down, we stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system which causes muscles to relax throughout the body, thereby lowering blood pressure.


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It's time to start breathing fresh air.


You don’t need a lecture on why smoking is no good for you. Regardless of how old you are, you’ve known it’s a bad idea since you were 4.

If you happened to grow up with Cole’s Funny Picture book you’ll know it had a couple of pages on the evils of smoking.

‘Smoking soothes and comforts millions of the worried and the weary and brings much pleasure to the habitual smoker, but it always more or less injures the health of the smoker and sometimes kills him.'
Cole‘s Funny Picture book. 1905

The Green Quit Smoking Prescription contains an eight-step program to be smoke free in 21 days.


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If you're going to lose weight you're going to have to eat less food and increase your level of physical activity -no ifs or buts, no beating around the bush.


If you're serious you can lose 1% of your body weight a week. But you've got to be serious and you can't take your eye off the b all.


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An increasing number of people are developing depression. Our view is that it is related to both metabolic and psychological dysfunction and treatment needs to include the Green Metabolic Health Prescriptions and regular counselling.



Despite the fact that headaches are not caused by a lack of panadene, at the top of the first page on Google of just about every imaginable key word search containing the word 'headaches', there appears an advert for a proprietary brand of panadene.


There are a lot of factors involved in causing headaches. Poor metabolic health stands at the top of the list.


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We live in an era of personally-generated body system dysfunction and if there’s one part of the body that’s likely to become dysfunctional it’s the exhaust pipe.


You get piles with all their complications, pain and inconvenience. It’s definitely personally generated.


Tracking down the cause of the problem is not a tough assignment. It’s staring you in the face every time you sit down to eat.


This is definitely a case of ‘do it yourself’ therapy.   the problem stems from what you’re eating - too much sludge and too little ‘real’ food that has a high fibre and water content.


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