The aim of the fitness Prescription concept is to



change the face of primary health care so it rests on five pillars instead of one.


The sole responsibility for primary health care can no longer be left in the hands of the medical industry. It's a failed concept that has led to the health of the community becoming worse and expenditure on health services increasing at an exponential rate.




include fitness, nutrition and counselling prescriptions into the normal primary health care mix for the treatment of metabolic, musculo-skeletal and mental health dysfunctions.


Pharmaceuticals can no longer be relied upon as the sole treatment for personally-generated body system dysfunctions.




give physical fitness a pivotal role in the vanguard of primary health care.


A lack of aerobic fitness, strength and flexibility is the root of all manner of metabolic, musculo-skeletal and mental health problems.




provide individuals with every encouragement and incentive to improve their health, fitness and wellbeing.


We believe that the right to subsidized medical care and membership of a private medical insurance company, is attended by a responsibility to keep oneself fit and healthy to the best of one's ability.


A health system that relies on the generosity of all taxpayers and all health fund members is unsustainable if an increasing number of people fail to keep themselves in good physical condition.




change the way Medicare and private health insurance companies do business with their clients.


The Fitness Prescription concept has the capacity to provide both Medicare and health insurance funds with information about the risk they are carrying and the role they are able to play in managing that risk.


This is particularly imperative for health insurance companies operating in an environment where it is illegal to rate premiums against risk.




establish a digital platform  that accelerates the digital collection, storage and dissemination of health, fitness and wellbeing information so individuals can regularly monitor the status of their health, fitness and wellbeing - and primary health care providers and medical insurers can better monitor the health status of their clients/members




facilitate the flow of health, fitness and wellbeing information to individuals and the clients of Medicare and Health insurance organisations, including reminders, newsletters, ebooks, apps, online logs, audio files, videos ...



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The Fitness Prescription

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