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There is an epidemic of poor mental health. Our focus is on the blue and black end of the mood scale. 



The green, orange, blue and black moods are related to one's environment, one's metabolic health and one's own thinking.



We've got a range of diagnostic and prescription tools to provide you, your doctor, counsellor, fitness practitioner and dietician with every encouragement and incentive to keep yourself in good metabolic and mental health.


We strongly suggest that for the best diagnosis of your condition you seek out a counsellor.


Mental health defrag


In the musculo-skeletal health page on the Green Prescription website we outline what a metabolic defrag does.


Here's what the defrag process looks like on your computer:


before ...



after ...




If your mind is in the state of the 'before' image, then a mental health defrag is definitely recommended.


When  you embark on a mental health defrag it will include vigorous aerobic exercise, regular counselling, a daily relaxation strategy and a change in diet. It may also mean changing your environment, going for as holiday, taking up a yoga class, changing jobs or relationships ...


The daily aerobic exercise will help you sleep better. If you sleep better you'll feel better.


1. The Diagnosis










2. The Prescription


The Green Prescription solution for mental health includes a systematic approach to addressing the issues highlighted in the circles surrounding the stress triangle.



We recommend inner mental training as an important weapon in your mental health armory.


3. The Support




  Doctor Fitness practitioner Nutritionist Counsellor Friends  


4.  The feedback