The use of intelligent Fitness Prescription Technology is the missing link in most health, fitness and wellbeing programs.


At the heart of the Fitness Prescription concept lies the use of the digital technology developed by our technology partner Fitness-Technology.


The aim of the system is to link


  diagnostic assessments


  fitness prescriptions


  health monitoring




  online logs


  resources ...


... to a digital platform accessible by individuals and their health professionals.


For the first time it will provide people and their health professionals with timely data about their health status and the progress being made to improve it.


The arrival of numerous digital monitoring devices linked by Bluetooth to mobile phones, ipads and computers - and stored in the cloud - has provided this opportunity.





The digital equipment in the image above is readily available.


It's our vaulting ambition to have it made available


in all of its diversity



with a wide selection of

-  apps and online log books

-  assessments and prescriptions



at the cheapest possible price



with ready access to the advice needed to make it easy for people to use and connect their devices to the Fitness Prescription Technology system



to individuals who are health conscious, doctors, fitness practitioners, nutritionists, counsellors ...



One snag that attends the use of the Fitness Prescription Technology system is educating people how to use it.

Getting the advice from a surgery might sound a bit far fetched, unless staff on the front desk are trained to handle this task. If this were to happen it would be an important medical breakthrough.

Ideally connected devices will be readily available from retail outlets. That being the case, the retail outlets are an obvious point of contact where people can buy new devices, particularly mobile phones with apps already installed on them - and get advice on how to download apps, get access to the data base and how to connect the devices to the cloud depot.

Or, the phones can come with the apps already on them.

There is more to selling a phone than selling a phone.

Another suggestion is to train students on how to teach people to connect their smart devices, phones and computers to the system. For $20 an hour people could get a smart Fitness Prescription Technician to show them how to do it.

For the Fitness Prescription to be successful there will be a need to elevate not only health literacy but digital literacy.