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The concept

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The health of the community is getting worse. There are a number of reasons why, principle among them being:



Physical fitness

People are not keeping themselves fit and healthy to the best of their ability. In fact, a large proportion of people would have no concept of what it is like to be fit and healthy.


Very few people have a regular and systematic fitness training program that includes the aerobic, strength and flexibility components of sufficient frequency, intensity and duration to keep key body systems working at an optimal level.




People are eating and drinking too much of the foods that provide them with excess calorie intake and too few of the foods that adequately nourish the cells of their body. Men, women and children can't live on flour and sugar alone.




Personal development

People are lacking in personal development. They don't do the things that people in good mental health do to manage their mental health.


The Fitness Prescription is designed to provide medical practitioners, fitness practitioners, nutritionists, counsellors with the tools to measure and manage personally-generated body system dysfunctions.


The tools include


a range of assessments that can be used to measure progress toward attaining or maintaining a body in good health


digital apps that can capture data from a range of blue-tooth connected devices



health, fitness and wellbeing prescriptions that are designed to restore poor health to good - rather than being symptom masking - that can be put into practice by people themselves at minimal cost to themselves or the community



a digital platform that enables results to be recorded and stored in such a way that individuals and their health advisors can have instant access.



Reliable, evidence-based information about a wide range of conditions that have been drawn together from a range of sources. Whilst hard-nosed scientific evidence (generated by the medical research industry) is appropriate for some conditions at some times, at other times it may be appropriate to digest some of the information coming from people who, following a course of action healed themselves by changing their lifestyle.