Welcome to the (almost) Daily Health Break.


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The aim of the Daily Health Break is to encourage you to take a bit of time out of your work day to give your metabolic, musculo-skeletal and mental health systems a quick 'defrag' and then deliver you back refreshed into the work zone.


The posts and activities will be varied, they'll be enjoyable and take 3 or 4 minutes.


Some of the messages will come with a call to action, some will give you food for thought and some to give you a good laugh.


Every now and then you'll receive some plain old-fashioned, no-nonsense commonsense advice on how to better manage your work environment.


There will be some activities that you'll want to include in your daily routine on a permanent basis.


If you've got any suggestions for health breaks, feel free to pass them on.


Here's to your good health and the good health of your organisation.


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Daily Health Break


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