Fundamental to the success of the Green Prescription is the use of digital applications to facilitate the collection, storage and monitoring of personal health, fitness and wellbeing data.



The number of apps that are currently available on the internet and various play store is legion. The number of Bluetooth connected devices is growing by the month. What's missing is a consolidated Green Prescription list, together with organised cloud storage and data retrival - until now.


We've indicated those for automatic Bluetooth connectivity direct from a data collection device and for which cloud vault storage is available


Here are some of our own apps



It's time there was an anonymous daily survey of how people are feeling. First thing to open on your phone each day is the 'How are you going' app.


Click on a number, '100 is absolutely fantastic and 0 is dreadful. Off it goes into the sky.


You'll be able to keep a record of how you feel. Also, your score will be sent anonymously the 'How are you going Australia' index and you'll be able to tune into the nightly news and find out how the nation is feeling. Online will be a status of cities, suburbs and towns throughout the country.


The app is free and comes with a download link to the 'Absolutely Fantastic' ebook.



The iitrain app is designed to connect you with people in your local area who would like an exercise partner(s).


It contains built in security features, but more importantly, you'll be able to use your training partner(s) to review your fitness training, fitness test results and progress toward attaining and maintaining an ideal weight.


That will keep you up to the mark.



The road to hell is paved with good intention. Most of us need to remind ourselves of what we've set out mind on achieving and doing.


So write down what you're going to do, look at it every day... and do it. That will make you happy.



Interval training of one sort or the other is the current fashion.


Got a circuit at home or the gym, run intervals in the park? You need the beep.


Want to do the 20m run aerobic fitness test on your own, set the timer to beep every 30 seconds and let you know each minute as it passes.



The world's premier test of aerobic fitness. If the 20m run is not included in any medical or fitness check you're being short changed.


Using the beep beep app you can do it yourself at home. All you need to do is mark out two lines 20m apart and get cracking.


Use the app to record your scores.


Purchase the app and you'll be able to download the '20m run' handbook.



The Aerabyte app is the world's premier aerobic fitness tracking app. The algorithm involves time (in minutes) with effort rated against heart rate.


When your doctor says, 'You need more aerobic exercise', this is the best way to measure it and report back.


Purchase the app and you'll be able to download the Aerabyte handbook.




You want to lose weight? The 1% weight loss app sets you a weekly (achievable) target.


To achieve the 1% weight loss you'll need to increase your exercise and cut down on your food intake.


It's as simple as that.


Purchase the app and you'll be able to download the Hourglass Diet handbook.





The new wave of blood pressure monitors are Bluetooth connected, so with the right app you can can take your blood pressure and before you can say, 'Jack Robinson' your doctor and fitness practitioner can be looking at it.


This app saves you the bother of writing it down. It will save you the bother of spending a couple of hours going to the doctor for what you and your doctor can do online.


Purchase the app and you'll be able to download the 'How to Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally' handbook.




Blood glucose monitors now come with Bluetooth connectivity which means that if you have a blood glucose problem your doctor can keep a daily eye on it.


Recording your results several times a day will assist you to better plan your exercise, diet and weight control program.


Purchase the app and you'll be able to download the 'How to Lower Your Blood Glucose Naturally' handbook.



If you're on cholesterol lowering medication you owe it to yourself and your doctor to monitor the process of lowering it.


Purchase the app and you'll be able to download the 'How to Lower Your Blood Cholesterol Naturally' handbook.




You don't need to go to the expense of spending a couple of nights in hospital being hooked up to a computer. You can get a reading of your sleep pattern every morning, brought to you by your smart watch and your smart phone.


Purchase the app and you'll be able to download the 'How to Get to Sleep Quickly' handbook and audio file.


Your heart rate monitor will record your lowest sleeping heart rate.

Resting hearty rate is one measure of your metabolic  health. As you become more aerobically fit, as your metabolic health improves it will, come down.

On days when you're stressed, over tired or 'coming down with something' it will be elevated.



'They' say sitting is the new smoking - it's that bad for you. So, set the walk break timer, get up from your desk and go for a quick walk. You might have a water break at the same time.


Map out a 5, 10 or 15 minute circuit, including stairs if possible. You might take in a wee break and a water break at the same time.


Purchase the app and you'll be able to download the '21 Minute Aerobic Fitness program' handbook.



Whether it's working outside or working in an air conditioned office it's easy to become dehydrated without knowing it.


The water break app will remind you that it's time for a drink - plain water or green tea.


Bring a water bottle and glass to work to make having a drink easy. Keep an eye on the colour of your urine. If it's dark, you're definitely dehydrated.


Feeling hungry? You may just be thirsty. Have a drink of water.


At any time in the day, hook the ear phones into your phone and play the Calm app. You can set the timer for 5, 10 or 15 minutes.


Drift off with the fairies. Calm yourself down.


Purchase the app and you'll be able to download the 'How to Calm Yourself Down' handbook.




What we've got for you is the 13 most effective flexibility exercises for relieving lower back pain.


If you've got back pain we recommend you go through the suite of exercises at least twice a day. Three of them work most effectively if you do them for long periods of time while watching TV or reading a book.


The aim of the exercises is to loosen off tight muscles that have drawn your pelvis and the bones above it out of alignment.


Purchase the app and you'll be able to download the 'Back Pain Relief' handbook.




Improving flexibility is the key to having a skeleton in good alignment - and relieving joint and muscle pain.


Take a break from your work and do a few stretches. On this app we've got  some of the best stretches known for relieving joint and muscle pain.


Purchase the apps and you'll be able to download the 'Stretch Break Exercises" handbook containing diagrams and brief explanations.



One of the secrets to quitting smoking to set a date about three weeks into the future and between then and now start cutting back on the number of cigarettes you have each day.


The Quit Smoking app encourages you to have one less cigarette a day and to program when you plan to have those cigarettes.


Purchase the app and you'll be able to download the 'Smoke Free in 21 Days' handbook and audio file.


Inner mental training apps



Featuring Emile Coue's famous inner mental training routine, 'Day by day, in every way I'm getting better and better.'


Listen to the app twice a day as it repeats 20 times: 'Day by day, in every way I'm getting better and better.'




This time the refrain is 'Day by day, in every way I'm getting fitter and fitter.'





'Day by day, in every way I'm getting thinner and thinner.'


Your subconscious mind has a fair idea of what your ideal weight is and what you need to do to reach it.



Until your sub-conscious is programmed to believe that you're becoming more and more relaxed you'll still be running around like a headless chook.


By regularly listening to the app, combined with the calm break, you'll soon start be taking it easier and finding more time to give back to yourself.



This app will teach you Jose Silva's technique for going to sleep quickly.


You'll use the whiteboard technique to gradually count yourself down into the land of nod!




If your aim is to quit smoking, this app will take you through an inner mental training routine that repeats 20 times, 'I breathe fresh air.'


Listen to it a number of times a day to get your subconscious mind focused only on breathing fresh air.


The ultimate, the simplest inner mental training program.

Lock your tray table forward and your seat back; pull down the shade, put on your headphones, close your eyes, relax and play the 'Day by day I'm getting better and better' app.

Keep doing it every day and you'll start 'getting better and better.